Ceremony Information

Arrangements for the wedding ceremony & legal requirements:

Arrangements can be made by your Tour Operator’s Representative. In case you book directly with us, our Wedding Coordinator will be glad to assist you at a charge as below.

Minimum Age: 18

Documentation Requirements:
- Birth Certificates
- Decree Absolute ( if divorced )
- Adoption Certificate, Name Change Deed Poll, Death Certificate ( if applicable )
- A statement certifying that you are free to marry. Exact requirements for this
statement vary depending on your nationality, and full details can be obtained
from your wedding coordinator or your authorities.
As the paperwork is processed once you have arrived in Cyprus you will need to bring with you the appropriate original documents.
If your documents are not all ready written in English, you must provide a fully authorised translation into English or Greek.

Anglican Ceremonies
In addition to the documents required as above, you should also provide a baptism or christening certificate into the Christian faith, from either the bride or the groom.

Catholic Ceremonies
In addition to the documents required as above, you also need to provide permission from your own local priest to get married overseas. Your local priest will forward the necessary documents to the priest here in Cyprus (we can supply relevant contact details). As this process of obtaining permission takes time, we recommend that visiting your local priest a minimum of 3 months before your wedding date.
Catholic weddings in Cyprus must be preceded by a Civil Ceremony.

Non Denominational Ceremonies
Documents required are the same as above for Civil Ceremonies. All non denominational ceremonies must be preceded by a Civil Ceremony.